Now there’s a laundry pick up in New York City you can rely on. A laundry service tailored to you. You work long hours. You lead a busy lifestyle. You don’t always have time to drop off or pick up your dry cleaning.

And you don’t always have time to do your laundry. You either need a 1950s-era wife or you could call Laundry Squad NYC.

nyc laundry pick up serviceLaundry, dry cleaning, and fluff and fold services for New York City residents are Laundry Squad NYC’ specialty. Laundry Squad NYC is the premiere laundry home pickup for New York City. Getting dry cleaning done in New York City has never been easier.

Laundry Squad NYC picks up your clothes at your home or office in the New York City area. Dry cleaning and laundering are professionally done by us, and then they deliver it back to you ready to wear.

How does it work? It’s simple. All you do is put your items in the bag they provide and leave it on your door affixed with their special hook. Their driver will come by and pick it up, and when your cleaning is finished, they’ll leave it on your door in a special garment bag for you.

If you’re not comfortable leaving your laundry outside, they can pick it up in your backyard or at the office—whatever works for you. Dry cleaning has never been easier.

Laundry Squad NYC Laundry Service Fits Your Lifestyle

Laundry Squad has many services to choose from to fit your lifestyle.  We will dry clean or launder pants or slacks and even iron in creases. We can also launder suits, dresses, blazers, sport coats, skirts, shirts or blouses, adding as much or as little starch as you want and making your clothes look and feel perfect.

Imagine having all of this dry cleaned or laundered without any stress. You don’t have to scramble in the morning looking for a clean blouse or shirt that doesn’t need to be ironed.

You don’t have to wonder how much starch to add or leave out. And you won’t wake up at 3:00 in the morning suddenly remembering you didn’t do laundry and don’t have a thing to wear to that big, important meeting.

All you have to do is call us and your stress is over. We will pick up your clothing at your home or office and deliver it back to you. They even have same—day service on dry cleaning or laundry in New York City.

If you’re traveling, you can tell Laundry Squad NYC to clean and fold your clothes, rather than hang them; that way there will be fewer wrinkles when you arrive at your destination. But why stop at having your business clothes professionally laundered? You want to look your best everyday, even on weekends, too.

We can handle all of your laundry, form jeans and t-shirts to shorts and tank tops. You’ll be the best dressed person at the movies, the weekend get-together or for a night out on the town. And don’t worry about that loose button or broken zipper. Laundry Squad will take care of that, too.

Just think—someone else can do your laundry very well, clean it, press it, fold it, pick it up and deliver it to you while you do more important things like spend time with your family or friends and relax.

Call to schedule your home laundry pick up and delivery today!